The team of the Harmony blockchain project has presented a new compensation plan for the victims of the hacking of the Horizon cross-chain bridge for $ 100 million.

The initial plan was to conduct a hard fork and issue the required volume of native ONE tokens within three years.

The decision provided for two options for additional emission:

2.4 billion ONE — compensation for 50% of damage;

4.97 billion ONE — for 100%.

However, users almost unanimously expressed disagreement with the plan due to the possible inflationary effect. Harmony stated that they listened to the validators and the community, rejecting the idea of an additional issue.

“We propose not to issue more ONE tokens and not to change our tokenomics using the hard fork protocol. Instead, we propose to direct treasury funds both for compensation [of damage] and for development,” the message says.

The project team added that it will provide a detailed description of the plan in the near future.